Hōki-ryū iaidō in Indiana

Hōki-ryū iaidō

at Yobushin Dojo, Indiana


Articles About Hōki-ryū

Katayama's scrolls
Above: Katayama's scrolls. Iwakuni Chōkokan Museum. Photo courtesy of Nakamura sensei.

The Japanese Sword

Iai Kata Videoclips

Though we have no connections to the individuals featured in the following Youtube videos, we provide these links for the reader who want to get a sense of Hōki-ryū iaidō. Note that there may be differences between these videos and our practice.

Obata sensei in Hiroshima
Above: Obata Keika, 8th-dan, from a Hōki-ryū school in Hiroshima, 2002.

Other Hōki-ryū Dojo Websites

Japanese Weapons Arts in Indiana

There are a number of Japanese weapons arts in the state of Indiana, including naginatajutsu, atarashii naginata, jōdō, and other forms of iaidō. However, the only other one with a website that we are aware of is the Indiana Kyūdō Renmei.

Naginata demo by Takami Tanner
Naginata demo by Takami Tanner
Above: Naginata demonstration by Takami Tanner, 5th-dan, and her group from Batesville in April, 2000, at Indiana University.


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